How Bixby is far more productive than Siri and Google's Assistant.

Other virtual assistants can perform some of the above described task to some extent but features which are described below are where Bixby stands out completely.

Quick Commands

When I say “Quick Commands”, I mean that Bixby has a whole separate feature called “Quick Commands” which as far as I have used, its one of the most amazing and useful feature of Bixby. Quick commands gives you a place to customize actions performed by Bixby when you say a specific word or command. You can assign series of commands to be executed when you a say a command of your choice. Now all you have to do is say your own command and Bixby will do whatever you have assigned to that command. For example tasks such as “Set a wake up alarm for 6 am tomorrow “, “Turn on always on display”, “Turn on Dark mode” could be assigned single command like “Good night” and then whenever you say this command all the 3 command will be executed. Quick command feature saves time and few more clicks for Samsung users.

Bixby even recommends you some quick commands based on your usage pattern which you can edit easily. To know more about Quick Command and how to use them, go to Samsung’s website.

Bixby Routines

This feature is my most favorite feature of Bixby. It lets you create a series of actions to be performed when a specific situation occurs such as when you leave you house you can assign series of actions which Bixby will execute as soon as you leave your house. Same can be done when you arrive at you house. Bixby Routines is by far the most productive feature Samsung has created.

Bixby Routines works based on “If..Then” criteria. You assigns an “IF” such as if I leave my house and the tasks which you want to be performed goes in “then” section and save that routine with whatever name you want. Now, as soon as the “IF” situation occurs, Bixby will trigger the actions you assigned in “Then” section. Bixby Routine helps to automate some of your daily task. Tasks such as setting an alarm and putting your phone on silent every time you walk into your office, are the tasks which a person can not afford to forget and Bixby Routine help you achieve it more efficiently. Bixby Routines are similar to Quick Commands except instead of having one command, you assign a situation which triggers the series of tasks aloted to it. The situation which triggers the tasks could be anything and Samsung provides vast variety of situations that are compatible with it.

You can learn more about Bixby Routines and how to use them at Samsung’s website.

Ability to integrate quick commands with Bixby Routines.

If having features such as quick commands and Bixby routines weren’t enough for you to love Bixby, Samsung even lets you combine both these features together to achieve automation beyond our imagination.

All you have to do is choose you desired “IF” situation in Bixby Routines and select “Run a Quick Command” in “THEN” section of that Routine. I can assure you if you use these features effectively you can automate pretty much every daily task of your smartphone.

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