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How Bixby is far more productive than Siri and Google’s Assistant.

If you own a smartphone or any smart device in 2020 you must be familiar with smart assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Bixby, etc. If you are an Apple fan I know you think Siri is the best out there among all the other smart assistants and Android fan thinks Google’s assistant is better. But what about Bixby ? From the last few years, Samsung’s efforts in virtual assistants is not well received by anyone not even by Samsung fans and they were right. Earlier, Bixby was just a gimmick. She could not do the simplest task such as recognize your voice correctly. On the other hand, Siri and Google’s virtual assistant were getting so developed that everyone started mocking Bixby and Samsung’s virtual assistant became a failure. Now a days very few people use Bixby and most of the people who owns Samsung products just ignores Bixby and use Google’s assistant instead. But is Bixby really a failure ? No. While Apple and Goggle developed their virtual assistants they had a whole different perspective about virtual assistant than Samsung’s. Yes. Samsung was not very successful when it came to recognizing voice but that’s not the only thing virtual assistant is supposed to do. I mean yeah, recognizing voice is like the first step which I agree Samsung didn’t teach Bixby properly. And that fact got caught up and before Samsung could come up with something, Bixby’s reputation was already ruined. But voice recognition is a part of software which can be improved and to be honest it did. Bixby has come a long way since the first iteration of it. But because of its earlier reputation, people are still ignoring her which I would say isn’t their fault since Samsung is being really bad at marketing Bixby. In this article I will describe five ways in which Bixby is far better than any other virtual assistant out their in the market right now.

Deep integration with your device.

Bixby’s roots are deeply integrated with your device. There are things other virtual assistants are better at but there is no virtual assistant which understands your device like Bixby does. Tasks like taking a screenshot, changing device’s setting such as changing performance mode, downloading apps from play store and many more, are performed better by Bixby. Bixby is deeply integrated with Spotify as well.

Bixby understands and can control your device more efficiently. It can easily perform complex task such as executing query about the messages such as “hey Bixby, show messages that contain word sale”. And since Bixby lies deep into your device, it understands your usage patterns and knows what you need and at what time. For example, every Sunday I call my friend to check if he is coming to our favorite cafe in our neighborhood where we hangout most of the time. After couple of Sundays, Bixby picked the pattern and started suggesting me to call at the exact time and day. Suggestions are shown on Bixby Home. The ability to perform tasks involving devices setting and controls has given birth to three most amazing features of Bixby which on their own are pretty big application that I have decided to explain them as separate points at the very last of this blog.

Voice, Vision and Home

Voice recognition is an aspect at which Samsung has come a long way. It is better now since Bixby understands what you are saying naturally. Bixby vision is term for computer vision ability of Bixby. Apart from translating languages in your camera, Bixby can also tell you the landmark you are looking at. It can also tell you the name of wine you are drinking just point your camera at the bottle. You can search for a particular item as well by pointing your Bixby vision camera at the item you want to search. It can also show you shopping details based on the items that are in a picture.

Bixby Home is most popular among Bixby user. Some people hate it but I myself find it very useful. It shows cards which are basically blocks with useful information such as news (Categories available such as Entertainment news, Politics, etc.), quick glance at your mails, upcoming alarms, reminders, weather, your sports activity statistics, your schedules and many more. Bixby Home can even fetch you an Uber. It is also integrated with Spotify and YouTube as well. If productivity is concerned, Bixby Home is best feature that no other assistant provides currently.

Images shown above are taken from Samsung’s global website.

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