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Agent Smith malware has already affected 25 millions of user

A new malware – Agent Smith is infecting smartphones all over the world. Cybersecurity solutions provider Check Point claimed that ‘Agent Smith’ infected around 25 million Android devices, including 15 million mobile devices in India. The malware gets its name from the method it attacks Android smartphones without getting noticed.

How does it affect mobiles ?

The malware attacks your android devices without getting noticed. It attacks installed applications and makes it challenging for you to know about it. The malware displays ads on your infected phones and for now it does not steal any data from your phone. There is a possibility that it will affect the data too. It could be possible that it will be used for other harmful purposes and eavesdropping.

The malware spreads through unverified apps on third party app stores and once it is downloaded it hides by changing its name to a regular looking app like Google updater. The malware exploits known Android vulnerabilities and automatically replaces installed apps with malicious versions without the knowledge of the user. The malware doesn’t stop at one malicious app, it finds multiple apps and it replaces each one with the malicious version.

Which location is affected the most ?

The mostly affected country is India, but the malware is also spreading in other Asian countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh. Some noticeable number of devices were found in UK, US and Australia.

Google has also identified and removed some of the infected apps from the Play Store. The infected apps are no longer available for download from the Play Store. The malware is also infecting the popular apps like WhatsApp.

How to save your phone ?

If you are getting too many obscene ads on your phone, install an antivirus from the Play Store and scan the phone. Avoid downloading apps from third party sources because most of the malwares enter your device through unverified sources. While installing any app, carefully look at the permissions the app is asking for. Don’t install any app if you think it is affecting your device anyhow because it might carry a malware. The untrusted sources will provide free apps but downloading them may affect your device. Always download apps from the official store.                      

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